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Our Story


DNA-Strands contain all your past, present and potential future.

They know that reading your blood reveals a great deal of information about you, combine that with the time and day of your birth your birth chart also reveals your potential character and personality.

Their aim is to disconnect you from yourself, by keeping you divided ( They work to the Law divided and conquer Warfare strategy).

 You cannot reform/repent/Realign yourself with yourself as God. The saviour of the whole world is you. 

They try to prevent the second coming of the Christ.

How they keep you divided and disconnected:

Your food ( eating unnatural food, cuts your life force. By destabilizing your bodies natural rhythm And operating system, bio khemistry -Synthesis , connection, polarisation, ultimately cutting routes and balance) Your Brain and Glands don't work properly -messages and signals get mixed or never expressed.

They poison your water by adding mercury/ floride (research the affects of these on the body on the mind and body) Acid and harsh metals that calcify the glands, block the nerves and damage cells including your pinal gland. they also want to destroy your gut which your second brain.

You are 80% or more water so by contaminating the water they succeed in controlling, disrupting the effective operation of the whole body.




They pison your air-Your lungs breath the water from the air, the gases in the air- the chi, the cleansing -life sustaining-rejuvenating -calming-elevating essential fundamental elements.

You have no escape from the poison as its in the very air you breathe. You are being attacked on all fronts.

(Research Chemtrails)


They corrupt your environment- everything is off balance the sea, earth, air, land everything. The disharmony and off synchronicity

- vibrates at an un-natural jarring, mistimed, harmful dis-functional rhythm - The Anti natural is the opposite of everything good and correct.  

The off keel .....of the earth itself effects your mood, internal balance-sense of place, time, space so you are in a constant state dis-orientation. Literally out of time with the biorhythm of earth. the bell is off time and off pitch. You are now an illegal alien.

They corrupt the sound (music-tones, pitch, all qualities of sound are off. They know that ether-melanin is most associated with sound. Therefore sound is your natural navigation, re-calibrator, compass, internal guidance system, equalizer -conductor, stabilizer, harmoniser. As certain rhythms, pitches and frequencies Base /Hertz have power to heal, the cleanse, to instigate change, this special force off balance disorientates you further. It is now a weapon and can cause harm to you body, mind and spirit. 

Food- Eating the energy of disstressed animals as energy is never destroyed but merely transmuted or transformed - so animals and bad crops grown in poisoned soil or genetically enhanced create tumours, legions, parasites and cists on your organs and on a cellular level the melanin itself.

The creams and skin care products also contain un-natural ingredients to infect you by penetrating the skin. The skin is one of the large living organ in some-ways you possess. so an easy target.

They poison you through drugs- Man made synthetic drugs are designed to target you in away that can only cause harm-mental health issues, physical problems. How come all so called medicine have severe side effects. Why do certain medicines in the doses they recommend affect you differently. It can harm your melanin. it interrupts your biochemical foundation.

They harm your phycology - through symbols -images effects amplified with sound -they terrorise your mind. The thought penetrate the subconscious -and as the subconscious is your /god key they can stop any plans coming to fruitition . Your thoughts are not your own you are controlled like a puppet, or a robot, a zombie. 

when these tools are proving in-effective or need ramping up- they make it more graphic. They whisper lies, they put fear in you. you sink into lower vibrational states until you are dead. No faith , no hope no way out. in A state of despair. Tortured by you thoughts before reality of any threat materialises.

They know your creative power and they must attack it, render it ineffective. Constantly attack it-relentlessly. 

They whole world copies you you are the creator, creative, source of creation. They hate you or just need to disobey you. They have to overthrow you its a identity theft. they want to replace you. or Make you there slave, subservient god forever. 

And of they have to keep you dumb, ill, broken, off balance and asleep, blind, powerless and reliant on them for all your needs, keeping you from knowing what and who you truly are. 

They have stolen your identity your inheritance, doped you with the false god of white supremacy. 

You are lied to through all forms of communication.

Past les

Present lies

Future lies and threat.

The language trips your brain the way we naturally do things is turn upside down and we have to use our brains in an unnatural way. 


You are being denied your inheritance -your birth-right has been stolen from you.

Your rightful claim to the resources of the planet. 


gold, copper, colbalt, oil, gas, electricity, water, salt, soil, diamonds, coal everything.


They keep you from the riches of the earth as a main priority as the money is the key to claim holding power over you. With money you can build your own cities fully self sufficient. You can trade completely amongst yourself. Build bonds and alliances that automatically keep them out. They will have no tools to keep you in bondage. That's why 40 acres and a mule was a lie. That's why Reparations will never be given.

The Congo and African nation suffer.

the Caribbean the Banana republic it has no gold ect.

This is why you must answer the question what is your ethnic status on every form. They must measure, monitor and control the numbers of you that get wealth and status-once the number is reached the power shift happens. You can help your brother - practice self determination-group economics. Operation the law of Self Preservation.

instead you under these attacks blindly follow self sabotage 


They control your sex and sexual orientation. Sexual preference you with chose anyone but yourself as you have been programmed to hate yourself and hytmotized into thinking it doesn't matter love who you want to love but that is a self destruction in a subtle form-liberalism and freedom of chose but you didn't chose you yet your alright with that. 

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