Stance –Feminine energy in the science of creation, Explores the fact that all human life can be traced back to a single African female.

The work reflects the creative power of the female. Her role in the origin of life and her stand against the destruction of it. She stands firm knowing exactly who she is and from where she came, her power lies in her humility fully aware that she is no less or better than anyone else. She is however, the original expression of life.

Melanin the Khemical Key to Life.

The Big Bang- Origins

Acrylic on canvas
1.5 X 1m

Inspired by the science of creation and the Genesis story of the bible. 
It is believed that the Universe sparked into creation from a single origin point. This painting sums up the singularity of everything.

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Standard International Paper sizes and Measurements

Paper size  Inches               Millimeters               Centimeters

AO                  33.1 x 46.1           841 x 1188                   84.1 x 118.8

A1                     23.3 x 33.1         594 x 841                      59.4 x 84.1 

A2                    16.5 x 23.3         420 x 594                     42   x 59.4 

A3                     11.4 x 16.5        297   x 420                    29.7 x 42.

A4                    8.3 x 11.3           210 x 297                      21 x 29.7

A5                   5.7 x 8.3              148 x 210                        14.8 x 21