In the beginning there was

Melanin the Khemical Key to Life.

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United Melanin Association 

Kemical Key- change the narrative-meaning - change the language around talking about melanin

Melnalin- according to scientists is a Bio-Chrome or Bio-Polymer- Biological Pigment.

Bio means Life-or living organism

Chrome means Colour

Bio polymer

Poly means many

Mer means units

Pigment -means absorbs sunlight 

Melanin made up of               

Dr Timothy Moore- said melanin is the primary determent of skin and hair colour, melanin has genetic, bio kemical and functional link to the immune system. It neutralizes oxidants in anti-microbrial drugs, its found in almost every organ in the body, and is necessary for the brain and nerves to operate, the eyes to see and the cells to reproduce, ears to hear. 

It helps to repair DNA in body cells. there are many types of melanin cosmo melanin, eummelalin, pheomelanin and neuromelanin to name a few. fetus for birth of children

Every living organism has melanin

Ultraviolet rays replenish Melanin-makes more of it

Sunlight -ultra violet, visible,

There's a melanin code of silence they do not want you to know about you.

Melanin in humans has primary genetic and functional links to the immune system.

Dr Carl Marrit- Said Melanin has a broad absorbtion spectrum. It absorbs 1000s times more electromagnetic Radiation (Light) than chlorophil. It exists in many tissues besides the skin. It's present in the developing fetus. If it's not present enough that's when you might lose the baby.