Warrior Diaries

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Edition 1

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Limited Edition Giclee sections and full image printed on smooth matt Bamboo Archive paper.

Available in two sizes Medium 210mm x 290mm at £25.oo and Large 297mm x 420mm £40.00

Signed and numbered by Certificate of Authenticity.


The first fine art piece  in the Genisis, Timelines and Maps


Painted in acrylic on canvase 1.75m  x 1.5m. This original piece, inspired further works exploring

 black history, science and censorship.

The aim is to combine fact and art together, telling a origin story in a creative way. 

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Noelita St Amie

PPast,  Present and Future 

The Past -The beginning, The Nephelium, The Destruction of Empires Benin and other African States, Slavery

The Present- Dreams and Reality -American Cival rights Movement, Windrush and Toulse. The Current Conditions Polical, Environmental, Social, Educational, Economical. Heads of State See Jesse Johnson's Video on Government ( Aim to Break down of Industry, Commerce, the Global economy, World organisations, Agencies and agendas, Policies and Laws, Super powers, World Order construct. See the Acent of Money Video for background on Western Finacial development. 

The Future- two possibilities Wind makers furture see website and ours .

The Technology- Warfare, Oppression, by any Means to their disposal

Dr Afrika - Profile of the Eur

" You Never Know Where You Are Going Until You Know Where Your Coming From"




Old Levitation Technology by Michael Tellinger.

torus Electron Model.  Electron is simply coherent resonance in a toroidal field.

Atomic Torus

Double Toroidial Vortex atom  structure Theory by Giebert Nijhuis.

Molecular Torus Carbon monoixde.

Fractal multi-Dimensional Torordial Nature of Reality. Everything is sound and magnetism 

Quantum locking is magnetic effect.

Types of Magnet

Ferromagnetism Normal

Paramagnetism Different  Attract-go toward-Aluminum, Oxygen, Gadolinum Oxide, Cupric Sulfate

Diamagnetism Different  Repel- go away from- Pyrolite Graphite.

Superconductors/Frozen-fixed-suspended locked-==Quautum locked.

Quantum Levitation ASTC 2011 Video 

Super conductivity Group School of Physics and Astronomy Tel-AVIV University.

Magnetism Manifests as a Torus: the full magnetic field Spectrum (image)

Sound of Earth Creates the Magnetic Fields--Earth not molten iron core.

Bill Moyers

Acrylic on board, Inspired by the Moby's song We are all made of Stars. 




Photogram on photographic paper.


Explores the nature of reality and light in the idea that we can communicate with our cosmic guardians through radio wave  transmission received through the coils of our hair.

"You Never Know Where You Are Going Until          You Know Where Your Coming From"

                         Noelita St'Amine



Sound is a physical thing.


Sound Waves/ Vibrations.  Frequency, Pitch and Timbre the quality of Tone, Amplitude is measured in decibels.


Language shape sound wave into words, words convey meaning.


Transmitted through various medium, material, substance

Receiver hears, the ears hairs vibrations data, nerve endings transport to brain which precieves  simulates, decipher, assign meaning according to intelligence, associations, thought process, beliefs, semiotics, sterotype, sensibility, food, energy and attitude. Stimulates emotional response within law of cause and effect triggers action.


Sound, thoughts emotions crystalize in the body. Can stimulate senses, soul, spirit, organs and glands.


Nano level mulipalation



In physics, sound is a vibration that typically PROPAGATES as an audible wave of pressure, through a transmission medium such as a gas, liquid or solid.

A drum produces sound via a vibrating membrane.

Sound waves are often simplified to a description in terms of sinusoidal plane waves, which are characterized by these generic properties: Frequency, or its inverse, wavelength. Amplitude,sound pressure or Intensity.

Draws on both the Mandlebrot Set fractal sequence, which is a  simple Mathematical equation (Z=Z² +C) dubbed the 'Thumbprint of God'. It  speculates it's possible to express nature's immutable laws in a complex geometric image. And the research findings that

Mitochondrial DNA from 147 people, drawn from five geographic populations analysed by restriction mapping.  Show all these mitochondrial DNA stem from one woman who is postulated to have lived about 200,000 years ago, probably in Africa.

Reality can not be experienced without passing through the female-coming through the female/ the feminine principle gives birth to reality the male/ masculine principle houses/generates the blueprint/data/mathematical concept for reality itself. 

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The Science of Blackness

Remember your ancestors to be closer to the supreme creator

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