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Warrior diaries genesis Timelines and maps 

Timeline a graphical representation of a period of time, on which important events are marked. 


Warrior Diaries is an Afrocentric creation story, told through the voice of young female poet Shovna who unwittenly finds herself  in detection with eight  other members of her school.  Each of them discover they have  heightened powers of perception, intuition and pyschic ability, and are all linked to each other telepathically through their dreams.

The story is set over three time spans beginning with archiac past, moving into the  present time and ending with a possible future reality, which they, together with help from celestrial beings must ensure.

Warrior Diaries is a race against time and a fight against a destructive enitity they call 'the system' . Shovna and her allies are initiates in a interdimentional war. Through the course of their struggle,  the supernatural link they share proves to be more than just strange coincidence.

Fate and destiny interplay, the journey of the soul is fraught with danger. 

The battle for tomorrow started yesterday. 

The Science of Blackness

Remember your ancestors to be closer to the supreme creator






Environmental Forces

Divine Order

Cause and Effect

Karma  *

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