The Big Bang



The first fine art piece  in the Genesis, Timelines and Maps Series. 

Painted in acrylic on canvase 1.75m  x 1.5m. This original piece, inspired further works exploring

 black history, science and censorship.

The aim is to combine fact and art together, telling a origin story in a creative way 

The Big Bang

Fine Art Editions by Francilla Seaton 

Genesis  Timelines  and  Maps Art Series

What if you could move back and forward through time! What if you had a London Underground style map of black history with each "stop" a unique artwork depicting a key event in time. What if you could combine science and art to tell the story of creation. Where would you start? Well you never know where you are going until you know where you are coming from.

So let's start at the beginning. Question : What or where is the beginning?

When Yahweh the Creator spoke. This Sound of perfect pitch, tone and frequency ignited a spiral chain of events we call time.

Looking back on 2019 a wonderful year for Zions-i 

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