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UK based artist Francilla Seaton born of Caribbean heritage, started Zions-I Art and Design practice in 2012 as part of her final major project at University. Her developing art series Genesis Timelines & Maps explores the creation of the Universe, and the identity and origin of the African diaspora.

Inspired by the idea of combining science with art, her work aims to be a creative visual history book, documenting human existence from its early sub atomic start point. 

Her work is planned to resemble a stylized London Underground Map with each 'Stop Point' being an artwork referencing a key event in our evolving timeline. 


Her process would typically recreate a piece of work several times using repetition and playing with detail such of scale, tone, layers and perspective. Francilla uses various mediums including pencil, paint and printmaking to produce work.   


'I would like my art to transcend the physical carrying the soul on a journey through different time and space dimensions'.

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