Exhibited Artist

Kingston University fine art graduate.

Featured artist in Arts Connect Magazine

I am a cultural fine artist working in various mediums such as paint, photograms and print making including etching and silk screen printing. I started my fine art practice Zions-i in 2012, after completing a BA Hons Degree in fine art from Kingston University. My current collection is a development of my final year exhibition entitled Genesis -Timelines and Maps - which explores black history and identity by creating unique pieces that combine science and art. My artistic aim is to visually document black history by turning it into a London Underground style map, with each 'stop' point being a piece of art depicting a significant event in our history.  Attempting to answer the question Who are we? Where have we come from? And where should we be going?


My creative style has components of architectural graphic combined with graffiti wide-style accents, sprinkled with cosmic elements to give an ethereal vibe. Using paint, photograms and etching allows me to produce work that plays with space and light, as I like to create the feeling of travelling forward and backward through time.

I recently presented my work at CAIRCS International Fine Art Exhibition - Jamaica and The Hidden Science of Colourism event held at Middlesex University London.

 Email:francine@zions-i.co.uk  * instagram.com/zionsi_art/

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