Exhibited Artist

Kingston University fine art graduate.

Featured artist in Arts Connect Magazine


UK based fine artist Francilla Seaton of Zions-I Art & Design to Inspire, Motivate and Uplift. Current Project Genesis Timelines & Maps explores topics such as the creation of the Universe, the true identity and history of black people.

In an attempt to turn investigated answers into a creative visual document. Combining science with art, hidden history and esoteric wisdom. The planned final piece should resemble a London Underground Style Map. Where each ‘stop-point’ is an artwork referencing a key event in our timeline. From ether, to man and beyond.

Francilla works with several mediums. Her art practice focuses on experimentation. Francilla uses photography, painting, embroidery, print making, sculpture and computer graphics to achieve the visual effects desired to complete art pieces. Valuing process and repetition, it is typical of Francilla to redraw images many times over changing slight details, playing with scale, layers and perspective.